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From Corn to Clean

We clean your garments using biodegradable solvents made from corn.

At Millcreek Dry Cleaners, we care about our cleaning process. We are committed to the environment, and our customers. That is why we used an environmentally friendly process to clean your garments: SYSTEMK4.

System K4

SYSTEMK4 is an environmentally friendly and absolutely safe cleaning process. SYSTEMK4 uses a halogen-free solvent called SOLVONK4. SOLVONK4 is made using carbon grown in corn, right here in North America. You read that right, SOLVONK4 is derived from North American-grown corn.

Unlike other cleaning processes, it does not pose a risk to air, water, soil, and most importantly, human beings. The solvents used are biodegradable and have been tested dermatologically with the result “Very Good”. That’s right, the solvents we use to clean your clothes are safe on your skin.

Other K4 benefits include:
  • Brighter colours, with increased protection against garments turning grey.
  • Gentle cleaning of textiles, leather and furs.
  • Very pleasant and smooth feel to your garments. Higher comfort while wearing.
  • The cleaned textiles have a fresh scent due to the biodegradable solvents.


We care about our cleaning process, and it reflects in the quality of our dry cleaning. Bring your garments in and allow us to show you the difference.